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These ¡°switching¡± amplifiers offer significant advantages over traditional power amps, particularly in terms of greater efficiency and more power with dramatically less current-draw, all very important in today¡¯s vehicles. Crossfire was one of the first audio companies to perfect these advanced technology amplifiers, a feat which has remained elusive, even today, for several ¡°premium¡± brand audio companies.

Our Class D amplifiers use 100% Surface Mount Device (SMD) technology, this advanced, computer grade technology features premium, laser-trimmed 1% tolerance components, resulting in superb sound quality and rock solid reliability, even under the toughest applications and environments. We rate every VRA amplifier we build at a ¡°real-world¡± 12.5 volts, not the optimistic Industry Standard 14.4 volts, so you are guaranteed that ¡®your Crossfire amp¡¯ will deliver all the power we promise, in ¡®your vehicle¡¯ - and then some. So we know that when a customer puts our amplifiers to the test, they will outperform the competition time and time again.

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